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Faces for Freedom

and the Black Lives that Matter.

In a world seemingly rot with chaos and disheartening news, the universe reminds us of the utmost importance of perspective. Despite the internet’s uncanny ability to misconstrue reality, for better or for worse, it is essential to see past these shortcomings of our current technology and keep our eyes equally open on both the ugliness and the beauty that inhabits this world.

In the wake of the largest civil uprising in the world and the Black Lives Matter movement, I wanted to do my part to help share the love and positivity that is at the heart of this movement. What better way to do this, then to show you a few of the millions of faces behind this hopeful belief in a more equal, loving, and just world for us all.

I want to personally thank all the participants who bravely stood in front of my camera that day. It was an honor to share the unique beauty of each of your faces and your courage to stand for something greater than ourselves in that moment. May it continually remind you and us all that sometimes we must stand tall in the face of adversity to fight for a better world.

It may be a long road ahead, but I’m confident we are on our way.

*You can read more about my feelings here.
**All images are currently available for free download.