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Land of Fire + Ice

At the end of the day, few things subtly penetrate our being as nature does. In July 2017, I embarked on a 2 year journey wandering across the world, a dream I had been crafting for many years. The variety of adventures I went on over that time were as diverse as a Seattlite’s garden, but Iceland was undoubtedly one of the most unique.

The land of fire and ice, Iceland is born out of volcanic eruptions over millions of years. The spectacular valleys and fjords carved out by slow-melting glaciers. Iceland has a rawness to it that is becoming harder and harder to find in the world today. As with all my visual stories, Ísland is not so much a novel, but a poem. It leaves space for you to find your own interaction. It leaves space for you to find your own understanding and feeling from it. All good art simply makes you feel.