I’m Zack.

and if my adventures have taught me anything, it’s that 


stories give our life meaning.


It's a beautiful thing

when art passion

becomes your everyday.

Quite simply,

I’m a being with rich passion for creativity and an insatiable curiosity for exploring the world. I love to express myself and my experiences–particularly photography, filmmaking, writing, and music. Creative, mindful living has been the forefront of my mission for the last 15 years, with meditation and yoga as the foundation for all my current pursuits in life. Having relocated back to the states after 8 years of living abroad in Shanghai, China and Seoul, South Korea, I’m now based out of Seattle, Washington.

I hope to use my skills in the visual arts to tell the stories that need to be told. And not just the most dire ones, but the equally important and lesser told stories that are weaved into each and every one of us, in the parts of our world we that we unconsciously overlook. At the end of the day, I look to tell a story that moves you, in hopes of helping you see something of yourself or your own life differently.

I know this text box can’t possibly hold my life, but if you’d like to know more, to collaborate and possibly work on a project together, to ask questions about an adventure or get travel advice, to inquire about commissioning me, or simply to share your unique story with me feel free to reach out.

Drop me a line
Jessica HamiltonJessica Hamilton
03:53 05 Mar 24
I highly recommend hiring Zack for your next photo shoot. I was looking for a professional headshot along with a handful photos to add to my UX portfolio. As someone who is highly uncomfortable in front of the camera, Zack did an incredible job at making me feel comfortable and confident. His guidance, attention to detail, and personality went a long way at making this a great shoot and I can't recommend him enough!
Nyeesha RileyNyeesha Riley
01:26 08 Aug 23
I had an absolute phenomenal experience with Zack he was so professional, had an exceptional eye and my photo shoot was flawless I definitely will utilize his services again, & refer everyone I know to him Sincerely, Nyeesha 📸 🎥💃🙌👏
Jimmer ShineJimmer Shine
03:41 22 Aug 22
Saral NavlakhaSaral Navlakha
10:24 25 Aug 21
Zack is a very passionate photographer who takes great pride in his work and has a genuine interest in delivering an exceptional experience for his clients. He chatted with me several times before the day of the shoot to make sure that all details were discussed and that I felt comfortable with everything. On the day of the shoot, Zack spent extra time making sure we got all the shots we needed. The final photos reflected all the time and energy Zack put into the shoot. I was thrilled with the end results and would recommend Zack to anyone that needs high-quality photos at an affordable rate. I definitely plan to hire him again!
Eric GingerichEric Gingerich
19:34 14 Nov 20
It’s impossible for me to separate Zack Phillips the professional photographer from Zack Phillips the big-hearted and relentlessly generous friend that I’ve known him to be ever since we met in South Korea almost 9 years ago. As a way of making our new friendship official, I remember Zack compelling me out to have a few beers with him and to dig into our dreams and ambitions. I imagine this is something he did with all his new friends, but it felt special and that is a testament to his ability to be present with you, to hear and see you for how you want to be heard and seen at your deepest level.Some time after that, I asked Zack to photograph a tango competition being held in Seoul with me. I asked Zack if he would photograph the event, not because I needed his expertise (which I did), but because I knew it would be a blast if we did it together. Of course he met and exceeded expectations on both fronts. He set up a photo booth and he not only provided more coverage of the event, but he knew where to be and what to photograph. He took on the editing and took lead on the delivery of the end photos as well. The result was nothing short of beautiful; the client nothing short of happy. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly amongst the crowd of international professional tango dancers that night. I couldn’t imagine the photographic results or the joy of working with Zack any other way.Over the years, Zack and I have had a prolific number of conversations in which he has helped me understand various photographic techniques so that I could improve my own photography. He has also continued to be a sounding board for me, a perfect conversationalist, evoking sincerity and hilarity at the same time, and someone I’m grateful to know as a dear friend and brother. I’m beyond thrilled to see him continue to push the limits of his personal and professional creative abilities, I never tire of experiencing the depth of storytelling in his images, and I know he will continue to express deep truth in his work—all in service of making the world a little bit brighter.Put simply, you can’t go wrong in hiring Zack for your photographic needs, by supporting him through the purchase of his art, or by enjoying his images online. The impact of who he is personally and professionally is a felt positive one. And if you’re lucky enough to cross the professional divide and become friends, which is likely to happen with Zack, then you will be all the more blessed by Zack’s way of being in this world.
Jonathan MaslerJonathan Masler
04:13 14 Oct 20
Zack is a special talent! Having worked with him on a number of projects, I can attest to the quality of his work. He's got a unique perspective behind the lens, and keeps things both professional and down-to-earth at the same time. It's a really positive experience working with Zack -- you get beautiful images with exceptional attention to detail, and you also walk away feeling inspired by his vibe, his portfolio, and his stories from around the world. Very uplifting dude, definitely who you want taking your photos.