Lost, But Looking

An ode to backpacking across SE Asia

Lost, But Looking

My ode to travel across 5 countries in SE Asia.

Having lived in various parts of Asia from 2011-2019, I have always been fascinated by eastern cultures. Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of hours in numerous ways attempting to express the beauty and intrigue of these cultures to others. 

Lost, But Looking is my ode to backpacking Southeast Asia, to the stimulating, frenzied energy of the urban cities of this part of the world, and to the numerous gifts and pieces of wisdom living in this part of the world for 8 years has given me. 

a limited-edition

Extra-Large Magazine

This body of work is encompassed in both an extra-large format magazine and a series of limited-edition exhibition prints. The magazine is a unique display of 48 photos printed full bleed, on both sides and compiled in an extra large, unbound format. It spans across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

I hope this collection inspires you, moves you, and at the very least stirs up that inexhaustible sense of curiosity and fascination our human spirit has for the expansive, diverse world we live in.

a taste of the collection

Lost, But Looking